Friday, May 29, 2015

First things First Making a List

Before we dive into the world of holistic and wellness healing, we need to talk about what we should do and have ready.  I found a great web site that has everything that you will need on it.
I will post it all here, for your time's sake, but when you have a moment, go to the blog and read about this lady's life.

 Getting Started: Your Checklist

 Start here and use it to track your progress as you go. Print it out, save it to your desktop, email it to yourself, send it to your partner – whatever it takes to keep it top of mind till you make it through the list. Take it from the top, and check off as you go.Be sure that you give copies to your doctor(s),hospital,carry a card on your self that tells EM personal where your information is located,copies to all benefactors.  Do not forget your family members.

Remember: Scan it once a year to make sure everything is up to date, important details change when you marry/divorce, have children, buy a home, etc.

Major life event = recheck your checklist

Here are 2 sites to use, the first one being the documents for your state and the second, the link from this material we are going to use.

 All Forms are from this site, "Get Your Shit Together".  This is a great site to explore and if you choose you can fill the forms out on line, then print them out.
Get Your Shit Together

 These state specific living will forms are in word (.doc) and adobe (.pdf) formats and available for free and immediate download
State Specific Living Will



     I have completed my Will and listed :
    * Durable Power of Attorney for Financial and Medical, and back-up person(s)
    *Custody of child(ren) and back-up person    Distribution of assets and personal items
    *The will is signed, notarized, and a copy has been given to those listed.

My copy of my will is located here: 


 Living Will

   * I have completed my Living Will
   *Medical power of Attorney and back-up person
   * Advance Directives
    *Additional information and notice to your doctor
    *Discussed your wishes friends and family
    *Discussed or written down the type of funeral or memorial service you desire and any instructions about burial or cremation
     *I have considered where and how I would like to be cared for if I were terminally ill and discussed this with those closest to me

   The living will is signed, notarized, and a copy has been given to those listed.

My copy of my living will is located here: 


 Life Insurance

    I have researched Life Insurance options and purchased the best possible plan for me and/or my family
    I have researched Short term Disability and completed all steps
    I have researched Long term Disability and completed all steps

A copy of my policy is located here: 



    I have reviewed my financial situation and, if necessary, discussed this with those closest to me
    I have completed a budget and track monthly actual costs to my budget
    I have ______ weeks/months of expenses saved in case of accident or emergency
    I have a plan in place to meet my goal to have _________ by this date ___________
    I have a savings plan and/or retirement plan


    I have listed my Personal Details out in case of emergency or some one else needs to retrieve it (passwords, contact information, accounts, etc)

A copy of my details list is located here: 


Personal items

   * I have thought about my relationships and how I want to move forward to resolve any   unfinished business
   * I have reached out to those people
   * I have deeply considered how my life lines up with my values and priorities, how I am spending my energy, and what I want to do differently to have the life that is meaningful and important to me

Notes and Next: (any additional thoughts or notes)


    !!!delete the next 2 paragraphs if you are going to copy this form.
((The list covers the basics, but add/edit/delete as you need based on your life. Confirm you have the items on hand, and jot down on the form below where they are located.

Remember: Let one or two people you trust know where this information can be accessed if necessary. Give a copy to the Power of Attorney listed in your will, and keep a copy of this with your other important documents (will, living will, policies and licenses, etc.))



These details belong to: _____________________________________
They were last updated on: __________________________________

Your Basic info:
Full Name:
Social Security #:

Family Members contact info: Family, close friends, anyone listed in your Will and Living Will should be found here

•    List: Full name, Relationship, Phone numbers, Email addresses, Home addresses, and any other relevant information

Licenses and Policies: Confirm you have/need copies, and where located
Marriage Certificate (certified copy):
Birth Certificate:
Car Insurance:
Home Insurance:
Life Insurance:

Banking and Business: Bank names and contact info
Checking account(s):
Savings account(s):
Other bank account(s):
Other savings/retirement funds:
Account(s) on auto-pay:
College savings (529 plan, etc):
Debt (credit cards, school loans):

Home computer username and password:
Laptop username and password:
Online banking accounts:
Cell phone password:
Social networking sites (Facebook/Linkedin/Flickr/etc.):
Online accounts (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc):

Medical and Health:
Medical Insurance: (company and account #)
Existing Conditions:
Allergies to medications:
Primary Care Physician:
My medical records are located:

Other Information:


This is a legal document once it has been signed by your witnesses and you.  Protect it as there is a lot of personal information in it.  I have my personal copy locked in a lock box at my home and I carry a information sheet for EMS.  It states my contact information, emergency contacts, medications, allergies and the fact that I have a Living Will on file at the Hospital and my Doctor's office.

Monday, May 25, 2015

I am not a doctor.  I suffer from a chronic illness.  I was lucky, my two doctor's encourage knowledge and want me to learn all I can about my illness.  They support me and treat my whole being, mental, physical and spiritual.  What I find on line or in books, I take to my doctor and always get his approval before I do anything new.  Very important.  

 I recommend joining support groups.  Cut through the crap and listen and soon you will find out who knows what they are saying, listen to them and ask questions. If someone in my group has the same illness as me, they know how I feel mentally, we share the same journey.  They may have idea's for me, to deal with my depression or any other issues. This helps so much, especially when you have something new happen and can't reach your doctor. 

 I recommend a care team.  Most insurance companies will have this service.  This is a nurse, nutritionist, pharmacist and physical therapist. This group will be available to put together a good, working plan for you.

As we take this journey together, I will share with you the things I have learned, open myself to you regarding my mental state and give you some idea's to try.  

I will post soon and next time, go over what is happening to me.  If anyone would like to add their story, their finds, send me an email and your article and I will post it if it follows what this blog is about.  

Email:   ttgems1@gmaildotcom