Monday, May 25, 2015

I am not a doctor.  I suffer from a chronic illness.  I was lucky, my two doctor's encourage knowledge and want me to learn all I can about my illness.  They support me and treat my whole being, mental, physical and spiritual.  What I find on line or in books, I take to my doctor and always get his approval before I do anything new.  Very important.  

 I recommend joining support groups.  Cut through the crap and listen and soon you will find out who knows what they are saying, listen to them and ask questions. If someone in my group has the same illness as me, they know how I feel mentally, we share the same journey.  They may have idea's for me, to deal with my depression or any other issues. This helps so much, especially when you have something new happen and can't reach your doctor. 

 I recommend a care team.  Most insurance companies will have this service.  This is a nurse, nutritionist, pharmacist and physical therapist. This group will be available to put together a good, working plan for you.

As we take this journey together, I will share with you the things I have learned, open myself to you regarding my mental state and give you some idea's to try.  

I will post soon and next time, go over what is happening to me.  If anyone would like to add their story, their finds, send me an email and your article and I will post it if it follows what this blog is about.  

Email:   ttgems1@gmaildotcom